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SSL Certificates

WebITech has partnered with eNom to provide customers with GeoTrust RapidSSL® and QuickSSL® 256-bit Certificates designed for securing communications between your customer and your web site. Trusted by over 99% of current Internet users, RapidSSL and QuickSSL certificates are an ideal and low cost way of securing trust on your website.

What's Great About It ?

  • Most cost effective fully validated and fully supported SSL Certificates available
  • As trusted as VeriSign & Thawte, yet a fraction of the price
  • 99+% browser ubiquity
  • Domain Validation for your website and online store
  • Up to 256-bit
  • 7-day free refund from eNom
  • Free revocation and replacement policy
  • Varying levels of warranty for specific site needs
  • Free Static or Dynamic True Site Seal
RapidSSL QuickSSL QuickSSL Premium
Price 1 year 1 year 1 year
Set-up Fee
$ 50 $ 50 $ 50
Usage Intranets, extranets and websites conducting transactions valued below $10,000 Intranets, extranets and websites conducting transactions valued below $10,000 Leading e-commerce enabled websites, as well as intranets and extranets
True Site Seal included Static Static Dynamic
Warranty $10,000 $10,000 $10,000
SSL Encryption Up to 256 bit Up to 256 bit Up to 256 bit
Secures... Single Domain Name Single Domain Name Single Domain Name

Browser Compatibility

  • Internet Explorer 5.01 and above
  • Firefox 1.0 and above
  • Opera 7 and above
  • Safari (All Versions)
  • Mozilla 1.0
  • Netscape 4.51 and above
  • AOL 5 and above

Free True Site Seal

Both RapidSSL and QuickSSL certificates come with a free static Site Seal. Additionally QuickSSL Premium certificates come with a dynamic Site Seal which will display your company name along with a date & time stamp. This provides your customers with the confidence in your online identity.

Secure your web site today!

What's more, RapidSSL and QuickSSL can be provisioned automatically from within your Control Panel. No more paper work or faxing legal documents.

* Promotional prices vary based on the length of the contract, lowest rates advertised offered for 1 year terms.
* Regular contract rates apply at the renewal anniversary of the initial term.
* For monthly contract: Personal Website - $7.95, Business - $14.95 and eCommerce - $29.95; All prices are in US dollars.